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Alex Branning - Your Marketing Coach

Alex Branning, Owner of Branning Group, a digital marketing agency located in Redding, California, is here to share his wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing.

Mar 26, 2018

This is the first episode in my series of Breakthrough Marketing Ideas. This episode is all about webinars! 

You might be thinking "Webinars?" I know what those are and they aren't for me. Well, please give the podcast a listen! I want to reframe what you think about webinars and see how they are actually a powerful tool for you to use!

At the beginning of the episode, I define for you three terms: maximizer, multiplier, and Time-Cost Per Lead (TCPL) and then show you how using a webinar maximizes your impact, multiplies your time, and decreases your TCPL. 


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