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Alex Branning - Your Marketing Coach

Alex Branning, Owner of Branning Group, a digital marketing agency located in Redding, California, is here to share his wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing.

Jun 25, 2018


I have been doing my podcast for 6 months now and it has been an absolute blast! I have been mainly sharing advice on how to become the best marketer you can. Now, in season 2 I have decided to change it up a bit. I am going to be sharing my own personal stories and experiences as I have gone on the journey of owning my own business. You will get a deep look inside my life and all the ups and downs that have come with owning a business. I hope that you are as excited about this as I am!

This week's episode is titled "Taking You Along The Journey." One thing I have learned along the journey is separating your personal brand from your corporation will help you connect with your audience.