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Alex Branning - Your Marketing Coach

Alex Branning, Owner of Branning Group, a digital marketing agency located in Redding, California, is here to share his wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing.

Jun 17, 2019

One of my most popular episodes in my podcast was the fourth episode I ever released. It was all about referrals and I decided to revisit the topic and add in some updates.

If you don’t have a referral system in place, this episode is for you. Referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers. You need to have...

Jun 10, 2019

Affiliate marketing has a very obvious benefit: You can make money by selling someone else’s product. You can even make a recurring profit in certain affiliate marketing programs.

But, that’s pretty obvious.

In this week’s podcast I wanted to discuss some unintended benefits I have experienced from...

Jun 2, 2019

This week we are going to do some self reflection! I have found 5 common areas I have seen people struggle with, and ultimately lead to their downfall. The five areas that I want to go over are:

1. Not taking action

2. Penny pinching

3. Not charging enough

4. Doing everything on your own

5. Relying on a single stream...

May 27, 2019

Marketing has been around…forever. There are old school marketing techniques that people use to do all the time, but now we don’t even think about them. But, is that the right mindset?

I decided to do a fun podcast where we take an old-school marketing concept and I show you the modern-day execution of that concept....

May 20, 2019

Online marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, etc… sometimes has a negative connation to it and gets a bad reputation. We saw some major movement last week inside of ClickFunnels in regards to the SAM Funnel.

I took this opportunity to let you know about me and what I can promise you. This podcast will...