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Alex Branning - Your Marketing Coach

Alex Branning, Owner of Branning Group, a digital marketing agency located in Redding, California, is here to share his wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing.

Feb 25, 2019

I believe that when you ask yourself the right questions, your team the right questions, and your prospects the right questions…you will see a huge turnaround in your business. Watch this video to learn how to ask the right questions!

Feb 18, 2019

A lot of people ask me how to find your passion and make money doing what you are passionate about. I decided to address this question in this week’s podcast! I will share 5 easy steps to take in order to find your passion, and then I will show how to make money doing that. Enjoy!

Feb 11, 2019

In this week’s podcast I encourage you to make your business BORING! You read that right…boring! I know that sounds a little crazy, and it did to me at first, but it will make sense after you listen. I realized that I was constantly trying to do exciting things or something new, but that’s not a very sustainable...

Feb 4, 2019

Listen to this week’s podcast where I share about my future and how I will be attending Bethel’s School of Ministry starting at the end of August. I have been able to put systems in place for my business to where I will be able to step out of working full-time hours and I will be able to focus on my team and these...

Feb 4, 2019

Today I am going to address one of the most common questions I get asked: How do you raise your daughter? I get a lot of parenting questions and I get it. It's one of those things that as entrepreneurs we often find it hard to have a work-life balance with raising kids. This is one of the most important topics to me and...